Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Almaza - sorry, I spoke too fast.

Research credit: Miled Issa
Ah! Sorry, I spoke too fast yesterday about the potential return to form of Almaza... So Lebanon won over South Korea 2-1 yesterday (sorry, I was about to do the same blunder as Sarah Palin quoting the North Korean allies), whereas the reply of Almaza was swift over facebook, it had an uncanny air of resemblance to the original world cup ad they launched. So, if you get "inspired" by your own archives (to quote Impact BBDO) - is this theft? And well, honestly now, why bother do a new ad when an old one would do!


Anonymous said...

this is non-sens, this site is going subjective day after day... did you even consider that re-using a 2010 World Cup visual to celebrate a win that might lead to World Cup 2014 might be on purpose? or intelligence and constructive analysis is what is missing in this entire blog?

Get (inspired) and look at the facts before you rush like a mad dog to your keyboard.

Tarek Chemaly said...

First, I never claimed "objectivity" - so the site is definately "subjective". Besides, ask any journalist worth his salt and he give you the same answer. Now, I did consider it was on purpose, and I still am not impressed!... Oh by the way, nonesense is written this way (how about you checking spellcheck before I check my facts?)

ânonymous said...

Is this really a 2010 World Cup visual? It looks rather 1930 to me.