Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The 3(stoo)G(es)

So we are in the my-speed-is-bigger-than-yours territory... MTC is saying that 3G is "so last week" (if this is the case, I completely missed it!) and that "one speed differs from another", Alfa speak of nothing slowing you down (this indeed, remains to be seen), and Sodetel? Well, I am not sure what they are advertising to be honest. The fastest internet? That's for dial phone I presume (2MB for 29.95 a month). Besides, how can the claim "those days are over" (the days of slow loading of the net) be over when - officially - they never existed? You see, even if the darkest days of the slow internet, all companies kept insisting on speed, customer satisfaction, and what-not in their ads. Suddenly, they admit that they were getting it wrong?


Beirut Drive-by Shooting said...

Haha! Love the title :)

Anonymous said...

check this video: