Thursday, October 6, 2011

Badna N2awim El Me2teye sample pages

These are sample pages from "Badna N2awim el Me2teye/Never Tires Squaring circles", the collaborative effort between Fady Chahine and myself. These are simply random samples and much more is found inside the book! Once more, this is a completely free of charge product from 7UPstairs publishing for you to enjoy. We are also grateful for Mrs. Reem Al Halabi for her kind permission to use parts of previous designs she has done (specifically for the "Never Tolerate Sacrificing Credibility" section). You can access the book fully here, but I shall imbed it in the blog for ease of access as well.

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Anonymous said...

You are my Forever FAN Mr.Tarek ...

Nadim Nasr - Lebanese Uni - Branch 4