Thursday, September 8, 2011

"McCondo" (POPi III) on 7UPstairs by Tarek Chemaly

Pop Oriented Peace Initiative (III) - Can McDonald's bring peace to the whole world? According to Thomas Friendman, "no two countries that both have McDonalds have fought a war against each other" - so why not bring a McDonald world peace? The name Macondo is the mythical city where Gabriel Garcia Marquez's "100 years of solitude" occurs - it has simply been given a new update. Oh by the way, like a big grow-up boy I did the design of all these books from start to finish (I know it might suck for some of you!) but I am quite proud of the cover of McCondo especially with my own name in "happy meal" style and how I transformed the "McCafe" into "McCondo"... So that's if for the bragging bit!

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