Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Madame with a clear conscience

The latest Kafa campaign targets protection of home workers - specifically foreign since the hand that holds the "rope" made out of bedsheets seems to be Arfrican or at least dark in complexion - through the headline "do not push her to do commit your crime" (the TVC is more explicit in that perspective since the maid in question is abou to jump from the balcony, hence the word "push" has a double-entendre).
It is never easy to judge campaigns pertaining to social issues, donors always seem to have something specific in mind, creatives too, and NGOs seems to be stuck in the middle. So it's damned if they do, and danmned if they don't. But my question would be, if "madame" has no conscience and treats her maid in such a way, do you think this campaign would actually be a wake up call for her? Since Lebanese, by and large, are such an egocentric species, frankly I would have gone towards something that would go back to "madame" - something like "if she throws herself from the window, who's going to cook you lunch?" maybe that would actually make her think twice.

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