Thursday, August 11, 2011


Beirut/NTSC, 7UPstairs Publishing and naturally myself are proud to announe the birth of a new research concept. POPi (pronounced Popeye :) ) which stands for Pop Oriented Peace initiative is a endeavour for conflict resolution through pop culture. Theoretically, it could apply to every fragmented nation. Can the slogan of Paul Jardin replace the Lebanese National Hymn? Can we elect "Haifa for president" (as the famous stencil on the walls of Beirut once said)? Can Belgium heal itself with Spirou?... What is it that makes a nation be so devided over its international policy and yet so distinctly united over a telenovelas?
POPi will take shape in books, and hopefully many other activities which will have this logo on them. All posts related to this research project will be tagged as such!

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