Friday, August 19, 2011


Well, few days after launching the first POPi (Pop Oriented Peace initiative) logo - here I am changing it! But you see, I have the oldest excuse in the world of advertising: l'client heik baddo (l'client being myself). Actually, whay happened was that I named POPi as a 4 letter acronym with O being its second to able to use Robert Indian's LOVE (with the titled O) in the logo, but my art direction skills didn't carry it. And then I discovered that he did a variant of the first LOVE as HOPE as a tribute to president Obama. So now that I go the letter P from Robert Indiana himself, even I - with totally limited skills - could write POPi in the same iconic Indiana style. Sure, in graphic design jargon "el logo baddo tondif" (the logo needs cleaning) problem is "l'client" (that's still me!) likes it that way... Here I go back to what late designer Rick Tharp once said "I can draw a better line than a computer, not a straighter line, a better line"... i.e. one with a human touch, so for all its defects, this is the new (and hopefully definite POPi) logo.

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