Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Ice Ice baby

"Hello, pleased to EAT you" says Teenayel Ice cream to which one replies "The pleasure is all mine"... I guess this is the conversation that must have happened!....And the ice cream does look appetizing. One cannot ask for more from an ice cream ad (unless one goes back to the Magnum by Wall's ad with all its sexual connotations!)... And then Douaihi simply says "none is tastier"... Is it the woman or the ice cream (here it is me just having fantasies you know)... Now if only their service gets back to what it used to be because ever since they did the major rebranding their quality of service has gone drastically down.
And since this is Ramadan the month of forgiveness, undulging in Danish Iceberg is now forgiven.
So what am I going to do now? Go back to the jingle of Gelati Cortina "ghannou riddou alayyi, atyab bouza chou hiyyi?".... No, it is Le Cremier to whom I am a faithful customer (not the franchises, but the first branch.... where the story started!).

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