Monday, July 18, 2011

"Jumping" into conclusions... new sports and Puma

Just because these ads have been running in Lebanon for a long time - and just because I love them so much - and because it makes it feel OK if you are not an olympic standard athletes, I am blogging about them.... So you are ace at darts? Bowling? Karaoke? Well, as long as you "move it" - as long you get out and about - as long as you "score" somewhere somehow (pun intended), you are indeed an "afterhours athlete".... I am not sure if farthest pee counts, but well, it seems many other sports are included in the process. Any awards for "daftest blogger"?


Rana.B* said...
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Rana.B* said...

I'll give you the blogger award :)

Ibrahim Nehme said...

Have you seem the TVC? I think that the copy in it is genius -- just as much as the whole campaign (which was a big winner at cannes this year) is.