Friday, July 1, 2011

Care for a drink?

Photo credit: Wijn's blog

"Wijntje?" - literally "have cup of wine with me?" and figuratively "care for a drink?" - is the slogan chosen by new television station TLC (most likely meaning Tender Loving Care) and which is destined - no points for guessing - to women. The ad is all over the place and always manages to catch you offguard - drink responsibly (as it may affect you bike ride back home - this is Holland everyone has a bike!).


Anonymous said...

The logo looks identical to the one in the States for the channel TLC which stands for "The Learning Channel." I would assume it's them same station and not a rip off, no?

Tarek Chemaly said...

Beirut/NTSC's Dutch language being far from perfect (or rather inexistent), it seems you ARE right! It is the same channel, except that now they are launching a sub-channel for women only... So: Care for a drink? (once back in Beirut?... Only kidding! Thanks for pointing it out!).

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