Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Ana Mary el Khoueiry - USEK graduate

Ana Mary strikes a hit with Wikilieaks Arabia. Her selling line "Wiki li oummatin" (or "Wiki the nation" instead of "pity the nation") is a classic. A natural-born Arabic copywriter she goes on with the series (ex: Pity the nation which does not confess to its sins – a sentence she will be putting inside confessionals in churches as creative media!)… She will also be transforming Wikileaks Arabic into a series with its characters (sometimes reality is more humorous than fiction!)… She also exposes gems from Lebanese politicians (How about Joumblat saying "I need money more than I need democracy?")… A solid, exceptionally well-written project.
PS: By the time of the final presentation some of these layouts may have been altered slightly.

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