Thursday, May 26, 2011

Escher - Art imitates life or rather advertising

M.C. Escher - Exposition d'estampes

It is called the Droste effect - after a packaging from Dutch cocoa manufacturer dating back to 1904. Other brands used it - look at the earrings of La vache qui rit, they stretch out infinately.
But the beauty is that it is M.C. Escher's masterpiece "exposition d'estampes" - which is about a man seeing an exhibition and then within the exhibition there is himself seeing the exhibition (ad infinitum) - the work is so mathematically complex that there was even a documentary about it and even several papers.
And then you say advertising is not serious!

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Patrick said...

The ads are rather simple. The duplicate images is inside a defined area of the original. The genius of Escher is to have one continuous images where you cannot say where the inside starts and where the outside ends!

Btw, with the help of some photoshop magic you can easily create images with the same mathematical structures as the Escher image.