Tuesday, April 26, 2011

"Les lettres violettes de l'emigre (d'apres Georges Schehade)" by Tarek Chemaly - a new release from 7UPstairs publishing

Welcome to my new book...   “Les lettres violettes de l’émigré” is a book inspired by Georges Schehade’s collective works, but more specifically his plays “les violettes” and “l’émigré de Brisbane” in addition to his poems - in particular “Poesies II, poeme III”. The book tries to explore the concept of roots, longing and home in a gigantic mood board which includes actual mementos sent by immigrants taken either from my own backlog or found in a shoe box at the flea market. 
“The essence of "home" is the ability to exclude others. Those who have homes may seldom exercise that right: neighbors, guests, and distant relatives may come and go. But the person who is at home knows he can exercise the right to be left alone any time he pleases". That’s what Lars Eighner, famous for his book “Travels with Lisbeth” depicting his homelessness days when I was writing a story about social stratification a few years ago.
I guess it all boils down to: Where's home? And knowing the answer, are you there?

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