Monday, April 18, 2011

Easter-related - Lurpak

Photo credit: Johnny Maroun
This year's crop of Easter related ads has left me quite indifferent until I saw the amazing Lurpak ad... Maamoul is the traditional Easter cookie in Lebanon, the words means "done with" so the three tastes are: Dates, walnuts and pistachios. So if you say "maamoul bi jawz" it means "done in walnuts".... And this is where Lurpak gets it so right: "maamoul bi chou?" - or "done with what?"... Lurpark of course.
My only regret is that this is supposed to be a teaser with the revealer saying, "maamoul bi atyab zebde" (done with the most delicious butter). They could have easily disposed of the answer, because in itself this part of the ad was much more interesting... But still, I love it.

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al sayyid hammod said...

I totally agree about the teaser part, especially since Lurpak was already on the "teaser", so they ended up "giving away" a brand qualifier, which is sort of self-defeating. Good campaign though.