Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Nul n'est prophete en son pays

Those of you going through Europe, specifically Slovenia, will find me participating in the Narave videofestival (details in the invite card) in Ljubjana. I shall be contributing two videos "Still lives and still lifes" and "Lucky the orphans for they get two gifts". Both, in line with the directives of the festival feature elements of nature. But they also talk about lives of objects once their owners have left them behind, supposedly to start a new life somewhere else.
Judith Talj, another Lebanese video artist will be participating (she is a graduate of USEK) with her breathtaking video "The 4th floor" - a haunting tale of places acting as recipients for memories and loves.
Now here's the catch: Why is it that since 2005 I have not been able to exhibit any new material in Lebanon when I was able to do so in the United States, Slovenia (twice, one of them for a major solo), Italy???
Which brings us back to the point: How is it that that since 2005 no new material has made is way to any official gallery outing here?... I can only be thankful for people like the Beirut Groove collective for displaying my video during their last party on a loop all night long. Only the underground scene seems to appreciate what I do!

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