Thursday, March 10, 2011

Blue by you....

Photo credit: Beirut Drive By, Milton Greene
I am indebted to Beirut Drive By for taking a photo I managed to miss of the Oroblu tights being sold by Diamony lingerie... Except I disagree with her on the interpretation: She suggested either A) Famous foot model enters the witness protection program. B) Cinderella ditches the glass slippers for some strappy reds. C) Re-enactment of Sharon Stone’s famous Basic Instinct scene. But, am I the only who is seeing the similarities above?
Let's recap: The brand being sold is "Oroblu" therefore the reference is to the color "blue" - when it comes to legs, the color is legendarily associated with German icon Marlene Dietrich. To prove my point, look at the posture of the model in the ad, then compare it to the poster of Dietrich's claim to fame "l'ange bleu" (the blue angel). Then compare it to the faceless photo that appeared in Life magazine signed Milton Greene. Even without showing her face, just her legs, everyone knew who it was! Dietrich, of course!.... How about this for a water "tight" explanation! (Pardon the pun!)


Beirut Drive-by Shooting said...

Well now we know! It seemed to have a cabaret feel about it and I had no idea where the inspiration came from. Btw,this wasn't an easy shot to get. The black background in the day in full sunlight didn't show the ad very well. Great commentary, Tarek!

Danielle said...

You two should team up more often. I really like what comes out of it!