Thursday, February 24, 2011

Silence please... It's the Republic!

And you thought there weren't enough newspapers in Lebanon already? Well, here's the launch of Al Joumhouriyya whose first issue is about hit the stands on February 28th. First let me tell you, you cannot just "open" a new newspaper, you have to but an "imtiyaz" that already exists (imtiyaz means right of publishing). At the end of this post, I shall tell you a small secret therefore.
But first let us see the teasers and revealer of these ads which oddly are running at the same time? (So why bother tease?)... Anyhow, if silence is silver, then speech is of gold - yes, Al Joumhouriyya are going against the usual idiom... For them (in the teasers I managed to shoot) "Our liberty is hostage to silence", and then "Our identity is hostage to silence", and in extenso "Our history is hostage to silence".. And the revealer (which visually breaks the prison bars which refer to being a hostage) "When silence became treason, the Joumhouriyya has spoken" (Joumhouriyya means republic by the way).
All of this fair and dandy, and looking for example at teaser two, you can expect the newspaper to be free of - respecively - French, Turkish, Iranian, and US influence.... Up until you discover that the "imtiyaz" for Al Joumhouriyya was owned by the Asmar family, who sold it to... the MURR family (and how unbiased is that for a family!!!).... Oh well, you have been forewarned!

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