Thursday, February 24, 2011

14... The other one that is.

It is nice to know, that for whatever its faults, February 14th is going back to being Valentine's day rather than the day Rafic Hariri got killed in... But still, here's a leftover from the commemoration - I am glad they went minimalistic this year with the message and the visual - and since no one can accumse the March 14th movement to be squanderers (at least when it comes to things other than the missing 70 to 100 Million Dollars that are still not accounted for from the Saudi election money) therefore they have come up with a double ad for February 14th, AND March 14th (how cool is that?)... It signs "same day same cause"... I am not going to go into a political discourse, but for many people i know it is not (the first was about killing a political leader, the second was an anti-Syrian manifestation).


Danielle said...

I appreciate the minimalist visuals as well. Especially the first one you have pictured.

Danielle said...

Much nicer that the one they pictured here: