Thursday, January 20, 2011

Malhame Che3riye Halal/Space Bloodissey/Iliad'quoi en parler - Triple release from 7Upstairs Publishing

So what is it like to live in today's Lebanon? For those who are here and those who are abroad 7Upstairs Publishing is proud to bring you the new video from Beirut/NTSC - an epic Arabic poem entitled "Malhame Che3riye Halal" (the wordplay is too difficult to explain) but for those of you who are Arabic-challenged, the poem has been transposed into both English (as Space Bloodissey") and in French as (Iliad'quoi en parler) as subtitles.
The movie is made from 1,344 handmade frames (by me, who else?) and has been edited by Fayad Saab. I am thankful for Crystel Sanane who did my two portraits (as well as the male/female robots)... Please spread this effort as far and wide as possible, as once more, it has been self-financed only to be put for free on the internet....
Hope you enjoy!

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nice mal7ameh