Friday, January 7, 2011

Kalkitos is back

Easy open aquarium - Mixed media collage (Tarek Chemaly)

It's always summer there - digital collage (Tarek Chemaly)

Still frame from "Space Bloodissey" (Tarek Chemaly)

Sunshine Reggae - Mixed media collage (Tarek Chemaly)

Toy Soldiers - Mixed media collage (Tarek Chemaly)

What is common between the above-posted artworks? Apart from the fact that they are mine and that they span more than a decade of my career, the common link is that they include "Kalkitos" as a central element in their design (I know a place that still sells the original sheets!)... And you know what? Well, Kalkitos is back!... It is now revamped and up for sale again in new designs, for anyone from my generation this means "hours of fun guaranteed" - to me personaly it means dozens of artworks in the making... Check for the goodies!

1 comment:

KALKITOS Singapore said...

Hi Tarek,
Great work you have here.

Yes we are back since July 2010. There will be lots more titles coming up and KALKITOS is traveling around the world again.

Thank you.