Thursday, December 2, 2010

Unrelated typtichs

Cafe Maatouk graces us with a coffee so good its taste lingers on an on - a bit like the Lexus ad "even when you are not driving it, you still are", the TV ad is a bit long and conveys the point without having had to go through all the hassle, but in the billboard execution the one shown here reminds me - not of someone of just had a good coffee but rather someone who has relieved himself from excess liquid in the bathroom!
As with everything else in Lebanon there has to be two of a kind! And the feud behind Voix du Liban makes you wonder about their old slogan "houna sawtou loubnan" (Here is the voice of Lebanon).... Here? But where? The new frequencies of the one controlled by the Kataeb party are shown in the ad, the old ones remain as they are. There can only be one? No, there can only be two!
And then comes the stupid ad from Trident... No way to swollow this one! It says "the flavor you can't get rid of"... Of my God, what were they thinking? if thinking they did! (which I doubt)... When you want to get rid of something, it is because it is vile, bad, and totally outlasted its welcome. And the visual, cute as it is, only emphasizes this destablizing effect...

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