Thursday, December 23, 2010

Castania and being left out in the cold....

Photo credit: Beirut Drive-By Shooting
I think so far this the only worthwhile Christmas ad there is on the streets... Sticking to their line "t3ish w ma tekol ghayra" which is a twist from a Lebanese proverb to comfort someone who just had a bit of (benign) nastiness: may you have a long tife and experience some of that a bit more, it also means "may you not eat something else" - they actualyl found a way of applying all of this to Christmas. A snowman waiting eagerly outside to have a bit of what he could not have (with closed window interposed). What's with all those silly Santas everywhere, this one offers a refreshing change.
Oh... And Merry Christmas!

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lboodl said...

yep, well spotted!

They also did a cross-mix media buy with Pepsi, well done too, I saw a few side-by-side billboards...will try to send you a photo.

May the new year bring us great Ads to keep the bar high and bring "you" more cheesy ads to keep the fun goin' ;-))))