Friday, December 10, 2010

Final 2010 releases from 7Upstairs Publishing (11/14, 12/14. 13/14, 14/14)

I know I seem to publish books faster than other people update their blogs, but then so be it. These four books - which have the beautiful touch of Marilyn Daibes on the layout - are the last four releases from 7Upstairs for this year. They are the back to back English translations of the Arabic Chekhove plays which have been published earlier (Allo, 7ayete?, Studio el Fan, Barbar Agha, and Mala2ikat Charlie) - All four English adaptations of the Arabic versions bear titles drawn from American pop TV shows, they are: The Six Million Dollar Man (formerly Ivanov), The Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous (formerly The Sea Gull), The Little House on the Prairie (formerly Uncle Vanya), and Charlie's Angels (formerly The Three Sisters).
Once more, I am indebted to Marilyn for the superb work, and this in effect brings the 17-book release from 7Upstairs to a halt for this year. As usual free copies are available upon request by direct email to me.

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