Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Clean up... your act.

If I understood correctly, Chef Ramzi has ceded his place as resident cook of Future Television to Chef Chadi Zeitouni. Without going into the virtures and bios of each one of them, I can say that Chef Chadi wins as my favotite hands down. Chef Ramzi has grown obese (All right, they say "never trust a thin chef" but when you're a TV personality, you must watch it!), a tad consumed and obsolete - and frankly, I think his food was the primary cause of heart attack in the Arab world (has anyone noticed how much fat he uses?).
Chef Chadi on the other hand, is agile, funny, has a super outgoing personality, and fills the screen - not with his volume - but with his quick spirit. All of this is to get to the Pril ad featuring Chef Ramzi... For some reason, I don't think they fit!... The ad is about the "super max power" of Pril on "grease" (one of Chef Ramzi's specialties is super greasy dishes) - so on that respect they are OK, but it also serves as a reminded of how much grease is left once you cook things a la Chef Ramzi.
But otherwise, if I go into the Charisma, the appeal, and the rest of the elements that make a celebrity click with a brand, I am not so sure this is a perfect match.
What is interesting however, is that Pril is now sponsoring the program Celebrity Duets which runs on LBC where - guess what? - Chef Ramzi is a contestant... Everyone is laughing their way to the bank on this!

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Diane said...

What timing, as I had just watched an episode of Globe Trotter from early 2006, featuring amongst other Lebanese food luminaries... Chef Ramzi! My friend once made his Mughrabieh--she didn't mention fat content, but I know she spent hours peeling those tiny onions.
I don't have Future TV here in the US (perhaps available on the Arabic satellite channels) but I hope the episodes are also posted online, I'd love to see your new favorite chef.