Tuesday, November 2, 2010

A recruitment ad for 7UPstairs publishing

Lately, I have been recruiting so many people for agencies, multimedia houses etc... But now comes my own turn: 7UPstairs Publishing - needs a talented layout artist for its books. Since the books are not sold, it means that basically I am financing this operation from my own pocket, so sadly, I cannot compensate you for your talents as I should be (mind you, I have come up with the covers of several of the books, so for many of them it's just the internal layout!). However, with the books being so heavily mediatized and aticipated (at least that's what I think!), there is a potential for media exposure which would not come from other sources of temporary employment. So if you are in between jobs, or like my previous books, or whatever other reason you can think of, do contact me. If you are currently my student - forget it! I don't mix business (teaching) and pleasure (7UPstairs). Think about it - and let me know.

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