Thursday, October 28, 2010

Take two of these and call me in the morning

Photo credit for PanaLOL: Marylin Daibes
For Strepsils: Myself - take from page 97 of my book "Archewallogy"
So the paranoid android blogger who has so much time on his hands that he is an "air breather" and "rose picker". So that same blogger finds connections in seemingly unconnected ads. So I was wondering, after the now famous case of "J'Ose" is this another undeclared "recycling" of talent?
Exhibit A: The new ad for "LOL" program on Otv (we by now know which agency is behind it). It depicts a mock "panadol" box.
Exhibit B: An old ad for the Free Patriotic Movement (again, we have established who is the creative behind it - I might be wrong, but assumption proves logical until proven otherwise) for the boycott of the municipal elections in Beirut (poster dates back to 2004) which is a box of "Strepsils" (used for sore throats) - with a very smart line that goes "Ma tbe7 sawtak 3al fadi" (which means "do not waste your ballot" and "do not put strain on your voice for not valid reason" since "sawt" means both ballot and voice" all at once.
Using medicines in ads to promote a political party and a television station associated with the said party by - what I assume is the SAME creative - is a little disturbing.....
Since Strepsils and Panadol are now both taken, I think I need an Aspirin.

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