Wednesday, September 8, 2010

ASHEKMAN urban wear Store

It is no secret that Beirut/NTSC has a soft spot for all things
Ashekman... And now the duo are opening their store to showcase their
clothing line, their urban feel, and their whole concept in a
nutshell!... The Kabbani twins will launch their first store at Strand
Center behin Napolitana restaurant on Hamra street... Their new
collection is already available, and since good things come to those
who wait, a new album is right behind the corner.... Santa Claus
already came to town in seems.


3abeer said...

Great designs !! love their T shirts :)

Danielle said...

Cool shirts! I'll have to check out this store..hope they get enough foot traffic as the location is a bit out of the way..nice find Tarek!