Monday, September 6, 2010

... And poetic justice for all...

"There's no justice for the living whose martyrs still suffer unfairness" (or something close to it) this is the latest ad for the Lebanese Forces to commemorate their annual mass for the martyrs of the "Lebanese Resistance" (note that they are trying to highjack the term from Hizbullah)... I truly feel the headline is punchy, smart and very emotional. My main problem lies elsewhere - how come did the Lebanese Forces appropriate all these martyrs? They range from the far right (their own crew) to the far left (George Hawi was a communist), to their own ennemies (the notorious Safra operation on the "tigers" of Dany Chamoun by the LF- who died much later and whose blood according to the Lebanese Justice rests on the hands of the head of the Executive Committee of the Lebanese Forces Dr. Samir Geagea)*... On all accounts, the Lebanese Forces are not the only ones to want to have all these dead, so does the Future Movement too... Hmm, well, Good luck for them settling those scores.
*Before I get some silly comments: NO, when Dr. Geagea was given a presidential pardon by General Emile Lahoud, it did not mean he was "innocent" - a pardon does not equate to innocence.

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Anonymous said...

the moukawama term is not a hijack. the LF called themselves that way before hizballah did, which is also why hizballah call themselves al moukawama al islamiya.

look it up