Wednesday, August 25, 2010

How low the moon!

I have promised never to comment on Clementine ads in Beirut/NTSC but this compilation landed in my lap courtesy of Milad. Remember that song "how high the moon"? Well, Clementine brings it down to rock bottom!... They used the moon for practically ALL their clients, and what's best is that they used the SAME moon!... They flipped it though for some of the ads, and blurred it for one and titled it for another, but  essentially... it is the same moon!...


Jimz said...

it's the 1st time you comment on designs :)

Anonymous said...

ma el hilal chaklo wa7ad ma 3indo 3idit ashkel

Anonymous said...

niyyell 2albak chou fadi w radi
i suggest to establish a company with the name of
( shammim hawa & 2attiff ward )
stop the negative and disgrace criticism…
what a hell wiz you guys….
hassab ma3loumeti enno fi 3id wahad.
w hassab ma3loumeti enno fi amar wahad.
w hassab ma3loumeti enno chakel el hilal wahad.
enno chou chakel el 2amar trangle aw rectangle???
please guys think about the ideas the spirit the content not the shape…
the ideas are super great in these ads and all of them are related to the same event under the same moon….
wahhdou allah!!!!

Danielle said...

Hmm, yes I can see the lack of creativity here, but I imagine it must be difficult to come up with a Ramadan campaign for all of these brands..but this is the essence of advertising!

Elias Nasr said...

I agree with the one who said wahhdou allah... it's the moon's shape, can you change it?

these ads are so creative and funny at the same time... i loved the pc deal net one, so simple and creative and funny. thanks for sharing them on your blogg


Fadia Kassem said...

tres belles idées bravo pour la création
c'est pas un sujet dificile et chaque fois l'agence les traite d'une facon differente.

w ramadan kareem for all

M.I.I said...

ye3neh ya jame3a eza nes metel 7adretkoun 3am bt2ayem l di3ayet akid 7a ykouno bi hal moustawa l wateh min l creativity. so plz ma ba2a twatoulna moustawa l 2e3lenet bi lebnen.
wil fekra l asesiyeh eno 6 ads same background. chwayet research aktar ma ken hada nta2ad.


M.I.I said...

w nsit wade7elkoun eno awal we7deh ma kenit for ramadan kenit lal arguile.

Rami El Khoury said...


next time, i'm gonna put the moon right next to the sun, with a little bit of snow falling so you'll be able to link the visual to ramadan in august, you will like it ;) i'm sure...

and who are you to talk about the "moustawa" of advertising in Lebanon?

show me what you got, and what you did and what you have achieved in 1 year.

let's play the "moustawa" game.

Anonymous said...


chou hal fekra l awiyeh. hay2tak btechteghel ma3o.

Anonymous said...

I am amazed by the replies to this post? You either have lost all your sense of advertising, OR are all working for Clementine!!!!

Kudos Tarek for this blog, please keep it going. It is one of the ONLY blogs that are not moderated; this is PURE freedom of expression.

How else can we keep our selves motivated and do better without constructive criticism?

Anonymous said...

ya 3ammeh please hajj ta3mlo de3ayeh w ta3to ahammiyeh la hal cherkeh el fastoukeh yalli essma clementine ma badda hal add... rouho chteghlo!

Anonymous said...

this is silly seriously|!!

enno shu fara2et iza 7ato nafs l moon, ma hye kell soura content shi w wala we7de fekreta mtl l tenye, aw yemken lezem kamen tente2do l alwen enno l blue nafso masalan??

w ba3den barke l sherke badda t7ott the same moon b kell her ads ta ykun mtl a trademark for the ramadan project?

ma tente2do 3al fadeh la2anno law ma mn hal post ma kento 7assayto enno it's unoriginal which is totally the opposite