Sunday, August 22, 2010

"Carcheology" by Herbert bos and Tarek Joseph Chemaly on 7UPstairs publishing

... And here it is...
Dutch photographer Herbert Bos teams up with yours truly to give you a book very much in line of "archewallogy" only it is about vintage cars. While always playing on that small divide between personal and collective memory, it also give a visit down memory lane for a chance to visit these classics. The book was designed by Elsy Nohra based on a template by Farah Samman, and features some of my own artworks on the cover (just for the info: I unearthed the fuel station for Matchbox cars we had as children and filled it with some of the gems I still collect).
We all belong to a generation where cars have been insturmental in our memory (anything from getting your driver's license as a passage to mahood, to losing your virginity in the back seat of one....). With the hope that this new release from 7UPstairs publishing will be as successful as those that came before it, all I can say is: Enjoy the ride!

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Unknown said...

Hi, T!
How are you doing?
Hope all is well.
Why can't we download the book? Even from
If it's not too big, can you send it to my mail (in pdf format, of course)?
Hope to hear from you soon.
Miss you, man!