Monday, October 5, 2009

Melting pot...

Many other blogs covered the opening of H&M in Beirut which opened two shops simultanuously with a very big bang in Beirut (One in the newly opened Souks of Beirut and the other at the ABC mall), however Beirut/NTSC has the exclusive of the opening of M&H as seen in this reverse-pleastered billboard.
In addition, after Kassatly Chtoura paid tribute to Michael Jackson in their Buzz ad, now comes the turn of Malik's Bookshop with a wink to the "king of......" - in the layout though, the MJ is so small one misses it entirely... and the concept to top it all!
However, if there is any blunder that ought to be reported it is the mechanic-cum-hairdresser: Monsieur Omar insists that he is an expert in color "fixing" and in the ad which is displayed (Sorry for the wrong lighting) he does it with a.... WRENCH!... If anyone will come close to my head with a wrench, they've got another thing coming!


Diane said...

Mabrouk - one more international trademark arrives in Beirut! H&M must be convinced of the size of the Lebanese fashion budget, at least for lower-cost fashion. I'd be curious to compare prices between H&M at ABC Mall and in NYC (or elsewhere). If you have a couple of examples, let me know.

Anonymous said...

PeaceBoy24 said...

ur right it IS wretched!!
everytime i saw the ad while driving i wanted to crash with another vehicle on purpose! it was either that or stick a fork in my eye!
simply horrid