Thursday, May 29, 2008

Deviations: Die hard with a vengence

NTSC readers will surely remember the photo of the window of Deviations boutique which proclaimed "Until a president is elected up to 50% off - practise peace" now that a new president has been elected on Sunday May 25th (General Michel Suleiman, ex-head of the army) Deviations is now posting on its window: "No price for such a hope, unite us, free us, welcome Mr. President - Practise peace." I wonder if "no price" means that the merchandise is now for free!... But still, one has to give it out to Deviations for daring to do what it has done. For anyone interested in shopping there - just out of principle you know - Deviations is at the end of Gemmayze street if you are coming from Brasserie Paul's or right at the beginning if you are coming down from Sofil center. Oh and if you happen to like a dress another customer just happened to like, remember to "practise peace."

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