Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Something about this City Mall ad "bugs" me

Just because they do not sell Anne Geddes toys does not allow City Mall to rip her off so blatantly! It is supposed to be an ad for their Mother's day.... Well, they might come with the line of defence that they have only been "inspired" by it (hello Impact/BBDO) but I still think it is theft.


Anonymous said...

You wanna talk about someone stealing Anne Geddes work! check www.toocutetoshoot.com !!
i wish i can shoot her!!!
Someone should release a book about inspiration and stealing! what's the difference between the two! bcs some agencies don't know the difference.

Maya N.

Tarek Chemaly said...

Maya, I understand, I seriously do but apart from pointing the thiefs, what can we do? Clients are ignorant or unethical, agencies are stuffy AND unethical... And the public does not know any better!

Anonymous said...

I honestly don;t care about those kind of client because they are not my target market! but i hate it when they appreciate the work. I will continue to mock these people bcs it makes me feel better :)