Monday, January 24, 2011

God is dead - now confirmed from two seperate sources.

As in the best journalistic practices, two seperate sources are needed for the confirmation of an event. And now, ladies and gentlemen, we have it! So it is not just Friedrich Nietzsche (the German philospher) who said "God is dead" but also our ex-Prime Minister Saad Hariri (today his candidature was endorsed by the Sunnite Muftis obviously in disregard to Hariri's own religious views). In case you think I am inventing, please go back to his latest speech when he literally says "wa Allah howa shahid" - which means "And God is a martyr", and martyrs as far as I know are dead people! Ok, so perhaps he meant to say "wa Allah howa shaded" which means "and God is my witness" but we all know that lapsuses are the key to anyone's real thoughts!... So there, God is indeed dead - and it has been confirmed!...

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Anonymous said...

the word "chaheed" has several meanings ,it doesn't mean the "martyr"as mentioned above ,its a saying or an expression that muslims are familiar with, as one of GOD's names :
"من أَسماء الله عز وجل: الشهيد. قال أَبو إِسحق: الشهيد من أَسماء الله "الأَمين في شهادته". قال: وقيل الشهيدُ الذي لا يَغيب عن عِلْمه شيء